Commitment to Diversity

The CAPS mission statement outlines our commitment to diversity. Specifically, we strive to identify and meet the needs of a diverse student population. While we are aware that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a predominantly white campus, we recognize that under-represented students and international students have specific needs that must be fulfilled in order to be successful. The success of every student is our goal and to meet that goal we attend to ethnic, religious, and socio-economic differences. We are aware of transition issues. We are aware of cultural biases. We are also aware of racial identity issues. More than being aware of all these issues, we seek to provide students with services that will allow them to seek the success that every student deserves. Consequently, we have intentionally provided outreach and “Let’s Talk” services to our diverse students. Two CAPS staff members provide satellite services through the Jackie Gaughan Culture Center. Students are given the opportunity to visit with staff in a less clinical setting and receive information that will ensure that accessible and proper treatment is made available. These opportunities seek to fight against the cultural stigma and fear that prevent many students of color from seeking mental health services, especially within a medical setting.

Several CAPS staff members also provide liaison relationships with other university offices and departments in order to meet the diverse needs of our students. These include: The International Student and Scholar Offices; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Asexual and Ally (LGBTQA) Resource Center; Services for Students with Disabilities; Women’s Center; First Year Experience and Transition Programs; and the Student Veterans Program.

Interns have ample opportunities to provide outreach and consultation to these offices. These interactions strengthen our relationships with our university partners while allowing our doctoral interns to develop skills in programming and service provision beyond the traditional counseling setting. Our interns complete ALLY training during orientation in order to increase their sensitivity and understanding to the unique needs of the LGBTQA student community. Further, CAPS offers groups and outreach to these students in order to provide additional support and counseling. CAPS doctoral interns are provided with opportunities to co-lead various psychoeducational groups and co-lead outreach presentations for our diverse student body.