Training Program Philosophy and Mission

Training Philosophy:

  • to offer supervised experiences to doctoral interns who come from APA-accredited counseling or clinical psychology programs
  • to support the development of intermediate to advanced clinical and professional skills
  • to infuse sensitivity to issues of diversity throughout the training program
  • to allow for an unfolding exploration of one’s professional identity

The doctoral internship benefits the intern as well as the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Department. Most importantly, each intern has the opportunity to receive a minimum of four hours of intensive supervision per week by a qualified staff member where skills are refined and the intern’s professional development is enhanced. We believe that personal and professional growth is best achieved when feedback is ongoing and reciprocal and the training environment is supportive. The doctoral internship benefits the CAPS Department through the services offered to the UNL student body, as well as through the development of innovative outreach and group programming offered by the interns. In addition, each intern’s area of expertise is acknowledged and welcomed. We strongly encourage the application of these specialized skills during the internship year.


Service to all students is the cornerstone of CAPS’ mission. Consistent with this, CAPS strives to identify and meet the needs of a diverse student population. More specifically, our mission is to educate and counsel students so that they might better address their developmental concerns; and when germane, identify, clarify, and resolve psychosocial and other related issues. In these ways, we strive to enhance the learning process and the ability of all UNL students to realize their academic, personal, and professional potential.

The CAPS mission enacts the Student Affairs mission by fostering students’ personal growth and skill development within a diverse community. CAPS creates a supportive environment for learning and achievement that complements the University's academic mission. CAPS also supports the University Health Center (UHC) mission, which is to promote the health and well-being of the University of Nebraska through quality care and education. This mission is achieved through the core values espoused by the UHC: excellence, respect, integrity, teamwork, compassion, and accountability.