Minimal Requirements

Exit Criteria

To successfully complete the internship, the intern must meet the following minimal requirements:

  1. Satisfy requirements for total training time of at least 2000 hours which include: initial assessment, intake, crisis/urgent coverage, individual/couples counseling, group counseling, outreach and consultation, providing and receiving supervision, completion of one concentrated training area, administrative/paperwork, and participation in intern seminars, staff meetings, case conference, and other professional development activities. At least 25% of these hours (500) must be earned through direct service. Direct service includes counseling (individual, couples and group), intake, initial assessment, and crisis/urgent coverage; provision of supervision; and outreach and consultation. It is expected that interns complete eight outreach programs with four programs being within the intern’s Concentrated Training Area; and two formal case presentations to the CAPS staff.

  2. Adhere to the APA ethical guidelines and to the State of Nebraska Regulations, Statutes, and Licensing Laws.

  3. Complete all clinical/administrative paperwork in a timely manner and review these materials with supervisor(s) before the end of the internship.

  4. Satisfy all competency requirements of the internship. This may include successfully completing any remediation requirements instituted during the internship year.

  5. Receive evaluations indicating sufficient achievement of required competencies.

    Approval to pass the doctoral internship requires that an intern receives level 3 (minimally proficient) or higher on all the competency items by mid-term Formal Review and a 5 (proficient) or higher on all competency items by the end-of-the-year Formal Review for satisfactory performance. In addition, the intern must not receive more than two ratings at a level 1 (Not Acceptable) on any of the items in the Midterm Formal Review or more than one rating at a level 1 at the end-of the-year Formal Review. 

    Possible outcomes include:
    1. giving the intern a limited endorsement, specifying settings in which he/she could function adequately

    2. communicating to the intern and academic department/program that the trainee has not successfully completed the internship