Our media and student interview policy

We appreciate your interest in interviewing a Counseling and Psychological Services staff member to learn more about CAPS services/resources and mental health. Because our primary mission is to serve our students and help them meet their mental health needs, we can only provide interviews during limited times of the year.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting your request:

  • Due to an increased student demand for CAPS services, we may be unable to fulfill interview requests without two weeks notice. CAPS will make every effort to fulfill requests but provides no guarantee. Requests will be met on a first-come, first-served basis as our staff scheduling allows
  • Because meeting students’ mental health needs is our primary function and priority, we are unable to divert our resources to address requests for class-related interviews. Please view the common concerns for information that may be useful for your topic(s) of interest. Most students can find the information needed when conducting this research on their own.
  • Requests for non-class-project-related interviews will be reviewed and coordinated by CAPS.
  • Once we’ve contacted you about your request, we ask that you provide your questions in advance so that we can maximize the use of available time.
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Other On-Campus Mental Health Interview Resources

The Couple and Family Clinic

Counseling and School Psychology Clinic

Psychological Consultation Center