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Former Foster Youth College Students & Mental Health

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If you are new to CAPS and would like to speak with a counselor, please call 402-472-7450 and press 2 to schedule a same day appointment. The online scheduling portal is unavailable at this time.

Former Foster Youth College Students

Students interact with an instructor in a lab on campus

Transitioning out of the foster care system can come with significant difficulties in adjusting to independent living. Higher education represents a momentous challenge. Beginning college as a former foster youth can be scary and overwhelming....

If you can “graduate” from the system, you can do anything! You are an expert on change and transition. This is another one of those transitions.

Flux: Life After Foster Care, (Ecke, Stenslie, Aibert, Broderick, Cross, Freeman, and Robe, p. 24)

UNL Resources

Big Red Resilience and Well-Being
life coaching, husker pantry, financial planning

Center for Academic Success and Transition (CAST)
academic resources- workshops, tutoring, and academic coaching

TRIO: Student Support Services
Discover a community that will help you feel like your life experiences are valued, invite you to engage in new opportunities, and reach your full potential at Nebraska. TRIO’s Student Support Services (SSS) helps academically distressed students who are income-qualified, first-generation college attendees and/or students with disabilities by offering unique resources and a supportive community

RSO: Fostering Success (FS)
FS aims to foster relationships with prospective students, current students, and alumni with foster care experience as well as those who wish to support and learn more about the mission. By reaching out to under-represented, first-generation high school students we hope to encourage enrollment in college. Though limited in who may receive financial assistance based on foster care experience, guidance to any individual in need of additional support when applying to college is provided. By creating a space to discuss resources FS hopes to aid in acclimating incoming and current students to dorm life, mentoring, career opportunities, etc.

1400 R St.
Lincoln, NE 68588
Contact info: Mauriauna Clift,

Community Resources

Bridge to Indepedence
This program provides resources, healthcare, and financial support for young adults aging out of foster care.

Cedars Kids
Resources and support for children, youth, and families involved in the foster care system.

Cedars Kids
Resources and support for children, youth, and families involved in the foster care system.