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Disordered Eating and Body Image Services

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If you are new to CAPS and would like to speak with a counselor, please call 402-472-7450 and press 2 to schedule a same day appointment. The online scheduling portal is unavailable at this time.

Disordered Eating & Body Image Resources

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What to expect

Eating disorders are treatable and individuals can recover. However, treatment can be a process depending on the length of struggle prior to treatment. A large factor in recovery is making positive changes in one's life. Counseling can support those positive changes.

Resources at CAPS

  • CAPS offers Eating Disorder Evaluations to determine the best next steps (e.g., CAPS bi-weekly therapy; community weekly therapy, intensive outpatient therapy). Due to the clinical demand at Counseling & Psychological Services during the fall and spring semesters, students typically can expect to meet with their counselor every other week after the initial few sessions. If long-term and/or weekly therapy is determined as necessary by the clinician and/or is desired by the student, the counselor will work with the student to determine the best next step.
  • Referrals for group therapy in the community.
  • Referral to the University Health Center for medication management and/or a medical eating disorder evaluation with a medical provider.