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Alcohol and Other Drug Services

Alcohol and Other Drug Services

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Alcohol and Other Drug Services

Counseling and Psychological Services offers a variety of services for students concerned about their drinking or drug use. Keep reading for more information.

Alcohol, Cannabis, and Prescription Drug Screening Tools

Free and anonymous screenings are available for alcohol use, prescription drug use, and cannabis use.

These self-assessment screening tools provide an anonymous evaluation, immediate feedback and contact information for a variety of resources and referrals offered at the university and in the community. Take an assessment now at

Alcohol Psychoeducation Workshop

This educational workshop, spanning two 2-hour sessions, teaches students how to avoid negative consequences related to their substance use. Topics covered include:

  • Physiological Effects of Alcohol
  • Critical Thinking: Preventing Negative Substance Use Outcomes
  • Assertiveness Training: Protecting Yourself and Others from Harm

The service is open to all students but is ideal for those in diversion for alcohol-related legal charges. The workshop fulfills the alcohol education requirement for diversion.

For pricing information or to schedule, call 402.472.7450.

BASICS: Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students

BASICS can help you increase your awareness of your drinking behaviors and help you make adaptive changes in your alcohol decision-making. It includes two 50-minute session. The first includes a brief survey and an interview with a clinician to gather information about your drinking. In the second session, you’ll receive personalized feedback from the findings to help you explore your personal values and beliefs about alcohol. Sessions are collaborative and non-judgmental, although the therapist may provide you recommendations.

For pricing information or to schedule, call 402.472.7450.

CASICS: Cannabis Screening and Intervention of College Students

CASICS utilizes the same approach and philosophy as BASICS except that it is specifically designed to address marijuana use concerns.

For pricing information or to schedule, call 402.472.7450.

Substance Use Evaluations

This service utilizes a thorough interview and testing of your drinking and drug use for the purpose of making formal recommendations about the possible need for treatment. The court system often requires an evaluation of a person with legal charges related to alcohol and drug related offenses. Counseling and Psychological Services can conduct evaluations and help you find treatment options that will suit your needs.

For pricing information or to schedule, call 402.472.7450.

Individual Counseling

If you struggle with unhealthy alcohol behaviors, we offer a safe, confidential place where you can slow down, think out loud, get support and start finding solutions. We do not provide individual therapy services for students required by law (outside of campus-related violations and charges) to seek treatment for a legal offense, but we can help you find resources to meet your needs.

For pricing information or to schedule, call 402.472.7450.

Alcoholics Anonymous

We are happy to provide recommendations and meeting schedules of other Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon and support groups within the Lincoln community.

Student Mentors

We can provide the name and phone number of students that currently attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who are dedicated to helping others with alcohol- and drug-related difficulties. They are willing to candidly answer questions about challenges and benefits of being sober while attending a major university. Student mentors are a valuable resource regarding sober lifestyles and managing stress in a healthy manner. They are willing to share their personal experience of getting and staying sober.

If you are interested in speaking to a student mentor, call 402.472.7450

Support for Family and Friends Affected by a Loved One’s Substance Use

Students are encouraged to call Counseling and Psychological Services to discuss problems they face pertaining to a loved one’s substance use issues. Counseling and Psychological Services clinicians can assist you or a loved one in finding the help you need to deal with issues involving substance use. These counselors can help you assess, intervene and provide treatment options on and off campus.

For more information, call 402.472.7450


  • – An alcohol and drug addiction recovery website with a treatment center finder.
Bringham Scott


Brigham Scott, PsyD
Alcohol and Drug Services Coordinator/Staff Psychologist
Phone: 402.472.7450