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Community Referrals

First-time visits (initial evaluations)

To schedule your first visit (initial evaluation) contact the front desk at (402) 472-7450 and then press 2.

Community Referrals

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We are pleased to be partnering with WellTrack Connect to provide referrals to UNL students. This service gives students access to find a community mental health provider. Students can search providers that are part of our referral network and find a good fit based on presenting concern(s), insurance, provider identity, and location.

The Welltrack Connect website also provides community resources and FAQs for parents and students about finding a provider.

Sign up for WellTrack Connect

The number two.

Select “Sign up with university SSO".

The number three.

Select "University of Nebraska - Lincoln".

The number four.

Enter University Email and Password. Select "Log In".

Search a tailored directory of off-campus therapists specialized in student mental health.