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Free teletherapy is now available for students.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln has partnered with BetterMynd. To learn more and receive a referral to BetterMynd, please call CAPS at (402) 472-7450 and Press 2.

Brief Counseling Treatment Model

CAPS uses a brief counseling treatment model that is time-limited. The brief counseling model is focused on helping students effectively meet a desired change or goal. For a student receiving individual counseling, most brief counseling concerns can be addressed in 4-8 sessions and individual sessions are typically scheduled every other week. In keeping with the model, students who need long-term and/or intensive support will be provided a referral by our Care Manager to connect them to community resources for on-going treatment.

For those students interested in longer-term counseling, CAPS offers group counseling.

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is recommended for students who are struggling with a variety of concerns. At CAPS, we specialize in brief therapy that is customized to meet your short-term needs. Many students attain their desired goals within 4-8 sessions. For those students needing services beyond our scope of practice, our Care Manager provides assistance in connecting students with our community partners who are familiar with college student experience.

Scope of Care

CAPS offers short-term individual therapy for a variety of concerns including:

  • Coping effectively with immediate life stressors
  • Academic concerns
  • Mild to moderate anxiety and depression
  • Alcohol and drug misuse
  • Interpersonal concerns (family, friends, roommates, romantic partnerships)
  • Self-esteem concerns
  • Exploration of values
  • Concerns related to the transition to college
  • Identity development related to various dimensions of identity (racial, sexual, ethnic, religious, gender)
  • Body image concerns and eating disorder assessment
  • Recent trauma (loss, assault)

Although we provide individual therapy for many common presenting concerns, we cannot accommodate some therapeutic needs such as neuropsychological testing, court-mandated therapy, or any level of severity that would not be clinically recommended to see a provider every other week for outpatient therapy after the first few sessions.

There is no charge for individual appointments with a counselor. If psychological testing is indicated, our Care Manager can assist you in a community referral. In order to encourage consistency of care to our clients and to increase the efficiency of the service to all, CAPS will charge $25 for late cancellations and missed appointments.