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How to Schedule an Online Appointment

Free teletherapy is now available for students.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln has partnered with BetterMynd. To learn more and receive a referral to BetterMynd, please call CAPS at (402) 472-7450 and Press 2.

Scheduling an Online Appointment

Due to Confidentiality and security reasons, there are a few steps involved to making your first appointment online.

Please be aware that all appointments may be filled online as the day goes on. If you’d prefer to talk with an office associate about current availability, please call (402) 472-7450, ext. 2.

What to Expect & Do
Take a photo or screenshot of these steps to help guide you.

  1. After you select the Schedule Now button below, a new window will open showing the TrueYou website. You'll need to log in using your username and password. Please note: This instruction page will remain available in another window in your web browser.
  2. After you send a push notification and approve through Duo, you'll be taken to the Titanium Schedule website. Here you'll select the ONLINE SCHEDULING-INITIAL EVALUATION button.
  3. In order for us to know who is scheduling the appointment, you'll need to complete the personal data form. All sections with a red asterisk (*) are required. When completed, select NEXT.
  4. Review our welcome sheet to make sure you understand the expectations of an initial evaluation. Select the box stating you’ve read the information and then select NEXT.
  5. This display will show times available for initial evaluations. You may select a time that works for you. If there are no longer any appointments available for the day, please feel free to call CAPS at (402) 472-7450 and press ext. 2 to talk with our front desk staff. They may be able to offer other appointment options or help assist you with your needs.
  6. You're ready to schedule, please select the SCHEDULE NOW button below.